Meet Natalia

“Wherever my travels may take me, paradise is where I am.”


I’m happy to meet you

I’m a professional ICF certified coach, energy healer with love of nature, animals, people, and healthy eating.

For the last 11 years, I have been supporting people through their personal transformation. I love to combine the use of the right and left brains to achieve balance and oneness. I believe in our ability to heal holistically using our mind through speech (coaching), our emotions through the felt sense (embodiment) and our whole being through energy (biofield).

Still 17 years ago, a nomadic life of multiple moves, started for me and my family. With every move, I felt angry and frustrated, a victim of the circumstances. I used to perceive moves as interruptions in friendships and work opportunities. With personal work and development, I now see moves as transitions allowing me to learn and grow beyond measure. They became opportunities for self-knowledge, growth, flexibility, and resilience. I believe that the only person who can make me happy, is Me, whatever the circumstances. This is easier said than done, it requires deep understanding of self and more.

In my late thirties, my Kundalini teacher introduced me to biofield. Coming from a left brain background, it was the first time I openly acknowledged and trained with energy. I later continued developing this sense with the Yuen Method and Reiki. Later on, I became a certified coach.

I’m grateful for teachings of the RAI Method founders, CTI, Philippe Rosinski, Shirzad Chamine, Julien Willm, Manon Ceciel and Danielle van de Velde. All of them have greatly influenced and inspired my work. Clients explicitly appreciate my soothing and peaceful energy combined with the courage to go beyond our comfort zone.

My background is in Management and Communications. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Management and started my career working for Andersen Consulting in Change Management. I my late thirties, I transitioned to biofield and 5 years ago to coaching. Besides my ICF professional coaching certificate (ACC), I’m also certified to use and administer the Cultural Orientation Framework (COF) assessment. I’m educated in the RAI Method, the Yuen Method, Reiki Level II, Positive Intelligence and Hypnosis.

“Natalia has been instrumental in promoting personal and professional growth in our team. She effectively conducted career coaching sessions for 15 employees across four offices, including Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and China. Meeting her once a month is definitely something the team looks forward to. Her ability to guide and inspire allowed the staff to achieve their own personal and career goals. Her sessions are conducted in a respectful and powerful manner, and has successfully allowed the team to achieve a greater level of insight into their own growth.”

Arjuna Raj

COO, Little Lives Inc.