Sink into the profound relaxation that comes from being understood for ourselves, exactly as we are.

What is a circle?

A space for self-reflection and rest, free of judgement. Everything we share is confidential. In other words, it’s a safe and sacred space for women to come together, use their voices, be heard and be seen.

Circles can be used to:

  • Share individual stories on a chosen theme
  • Celebrate in share ritual
  • Discuss important topics and information
  • Learn new skills and ideas
  • Be inceremony
  • Honour the cycles of earth like the moon phases
  • Sing and dance and more…
altar circle


We connect as a group and share wisdom and experiences. We often do calm rituals, meditation, intention-setting, or sitting with an altar of meaningful objects.



Circles are intentional, focused on internal and external growth and connection. We share the wisdom of experience.


As part of the process of sharing yourself with the women in your circle, you come to know yourself better.


Circles are an opportunity to meet with like-minded people, connect with yourself and others.


Some circle’s purpose is to heal hurts. In doing so, the members develop deep connections with each other, and can provide support within the group.

Choose the right circle for you


Meet once a week for one and half hour to connect, share and feel fully restored. Each week we address a different intention suitable to the participants of that day.

Wild Feminine

“The female body is a sacred space for meeting with Spirit”.

This is a 5-week women only series based on the Wild Feminine book by author Tami Lynn Kent. Our female bodies need us now more than ever. Through exploring and reconnecting to our body with our pelvic bowl, Tami offers us a path back to the root of our femininity, a coming home of what is truly ours as we rediscover our feminine energy. In the Wild Feminine series, we cover activities, reflections and rituals that can help understand and integrate our female experiences and be compassionate with ourselves.

Full Moon & New Moon

Moon circles are held once a month and are open to all genders. New Moon circles are all about new beginnings and asking for what you want. Full Moon circles are all about completion — cleansing, releasing, and removing what no longer works for you. 

To find out more about locations, times and fees and book a circle click on “Send me an email” at the bottom of the page.

Thank you Natalia ❤️ I’m still dancing 🥰 Movement is medicine after all!  I’ll keep an eye on your Instagram. I would like to be part of the circle again, and connect to more like minded souls! Thanks so much for the music too, its awesome 💫 I’m playing it just now.

Jenna Hoffman

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